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Vampire Knight Aidou commission by Nobu-Hazel
Vampire Knight Aidou commission
Tumblr link:…

Photo of an ink and watercolor commission drawn last year during SakuraCon 2014
Oriented and color edited to the drawing as I remember it

Tools, as I remember them:
6x9 in. watercolor paper
Watercolor pencils
Masking tape
iPhone 4s for the photo
Photoshop for image editing

I like pencils because they're clean, but using pencils on large rough surfaces is suffering. I wouldn't recommend my tools combo to anyone lol.

I should probably get a scanner sometime...

Hanabusa Aidou is from Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri
Fox Guy Mk.II by Nobu-Hazel
Fox Guy Mk.II
Original characters

The picture took about 2 weeks to draw because I wanted the lineart perfect at 100% zoom. I don't remember if I might have given up a little near the end and allowed some loose ends or overlapping lines... 2013 was a while ago, haha.

The crow likes to wear dead foxes much to fox guy's dismay.

This must be my first OC post in ages.
I actually have around 70 OCs but I never draw any anymore lol.

The characters have actual names but I'm calling this Fox Guy Mk.II because that is what VIITheGambler calls it.
Jean Kirstein by Nobu-Hazel
Jean Kirstein
:iconauraspirality: YouTubeTwitterFacebookTumblrInstagram


Jean is one of my favorite characters ever (but sometimes Levi is better). His age baffles me though. And I cannot spell his surname. I also feel sorry for him all the time. X_X
This was drawn in early 2014 for a mutual Jean fan I met at a convention. =w= Somehow we got into the talk of favorite AoT characters, and neither of us really believed the other at first when we both said we liked Jean best. XD But he is also Hajime Isayama's favorite character, so we are not aloooone, hahaha~

Jean and Attack on Titan belong to Hajime Isayama.

Other SnK art: Levi
Orange Juice by Nobu-Hazel
Orange Juice
Drawn in 2013

Chibi Rin to match my chibi Vocaloid KAITO! Sort of... '_';; It's actually drawn for a friend.
Yup... a simpler version of this picture is also the studio's Twitter icon. XD

If you are interested in 11x17 inch prints on 271 gsm paper, please send my studio aurAspirality or me a note or email. Thanks for looking!

Character: Kagamine Rin
Owner: Crypton Future Media
Designer: KEI Garou
Series: Vocaloid
Dream in Color charity artbook preview by Nobu-Hazel
Dream in Color charity artbook preview

The Dream in Color charity art book is a non-profit project featuring over 70 artists all over the world. 
The book contains over 80+ fully colored pages with gorgeous artworks all relating to the central theme, "Dreams". All profits are donated to the Dreams Come True Charity whose goal is to to bring joy to seriously and terminally ill children along with other young people who live in suffering to make their dreams come true. Help us in granting these children their wishes!




Order now to receive additional free items! Click here for more information:

As for my contribution, I just wanted to draw two characters and maybe experiment with coloring. *v*
I'm really busy lately, so art is second to other things right now. Please visit my studio's Facebook ( ) or Tumblr ( ) for more frequent updates.

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WanderinSoulMIV Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Stopped by cause I bought some art from you at sakura-con. Thanks a ton! Everything I saw there inspired me to pick drawing back up and I'm practicing now! Wanted to thank you for the inspiration and day have a great day!
Nobu-Hazel Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
Wow, thank you so much! I appreciate your stopping by. People usually do not come by my page after cons, so your comment is an inspiration and motivation booster for me as well! I hope you are happy and forever inspired in your artistic pursuits! 
WanderinSoulMIV Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a ton ^_^ I hope to see more from you!
Scarletteclaw Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bought your artwork too ^^ I bought the Princess Monanoke one. Its so Beautifullll!!! <3 I hope you never stop being an Artist
Nobu-Hazel Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Ahh, thank you so much for your kind words! That was my first time drawing Mononoke but I hope to draw a better one later. Drawing better canines is on my list of things to improve, hehe. :D
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